(Pitiwazou) #441


  1. I don’t see the necessity, you know when you are in edit mode.
  2. Look at my RMB pie menu, there is a layer part.

A new video for non-destructive workflow

(Pitiwazou) #442

(Pitiwazou) #443

Hi guys, we updated the addon :wink:

(bkjernisted) #444

Which is newer v2 beta 11 or v2 beta 20? Which do I download? Why is it that some vendors make the 1st download the newest and other vendors make it the last? Confusing. Thanks, pitiwazou.

(Pitiwazou) #445

One is companion, the other is speedflow, read the names :wink:

(aghandwork) #446

Hi! In Screw mode - function STEPS (S) - mouse wheel (MBM) working only to decrease steps (for increase - I have to put value manually only) …In all other modes mouse wheel (MBM) works properly! Is it bug?

(Blender - stable release 2.79b)

(Pitiwazou) #447

Yes it’s a bug, I will fix it as soon as possible :wink:

(aghandwork) #448

That is great! Thank you!

(obsurveyor) #449

Hey @pitiwazou would you accept a patch to Speedflow that adds an option to not automatically enable the default action when editing a modifier? I don’t like how when I go to change the modifier, it automatically puts it into editing something I may not want to change if I accidentally move the mouse.

Also, rotate doesn’t appear to have an abort, it always rotates regardless of escape, left or right click.

(Pitiwazou) #450

Why not, you can send it to me, I’ll look at it :wink:
On most modal you can press echap to abort the default action.

Edit: I just added the option ^^

(Pitiwazou) #451

By the way, one question, it is better to be in free nav when creating the modifier or use the default action if no modifier and use free nav if modifier?

I think the best would be to use default action if no modifier and free if modifier

(obsurveyor) #452

Right, that’s how I had it working. Looks like I don’t need to finish it up by adding preferences now though. :slight_smile:

Also, found more bugs while testing:

Tubify doesn’t completely work on multiple selected curves

While changing the Depth on Tubify, if you hit 1 to add a subsurf, it doesn’t stop changing the depth but stops drawing so when you click, you get a random depth if you moved the mouse.

(Pitiwazou) #453

Ok, I’ll check that :wink:

(Pitiwazou) #454

ok so for the depth, you have to go in free navigation to not change it
for the multi tubify, right now the addon use the second as profile.
Maybe we should use only the profile inside the modal, will see.

Today I made a lot of modifications to the addon, I added an option to expand or not the modifiers, I redo entirely the susurf to take in account the free navigation and fixed some bugs.

Fixed the bug on mouse setting on the screw modifier too.

(bkjernisted) #455

Have the addons been updated on gumroad. They appear to have the same names. Thanks:grinning:

(Pitiwazou) #456

not for today’s updates

(Pitiwazou) #457

Ok guys, it’s online if you want to test :wink:

I prefer this workflow with the free navigation enabled.
If no modifier, modal action, if modifier, free nav.

Not for the mouse, no need.

I added some modifiers options in the preferences and redo entirely the subsurf.
Tomorrow I’ll start the new Mirror modal.

(Daniel Hyun Lim) #458

Hello, love the add-on! BUT, im getting error messeges on boolean when Im not even trying too boolean…also when I do an array, its not instanced to the original object. is that a bug or am I not pressing the right button. Thank you


(Pitiwazou) #459

This is pretty weird indeed. You do use the last version, did you removed the previous ones?

Can you show the error message.

Also, don’t hesitate to come on the discord for support :wink:

(Daniel Hyun Lim) #460

whats your discord?

also, im not getting the error message anymore… not sure why i got that, maybe i installed the old version.

I am however still not being able to get the instance to work properly. I am using