Speeding up and slowing down

Right now I’m making an air simulation game but i have one thing that i need to program. i wish to speed up and slow down my aircraft while holding a button.

is there a way to set my speeds of the plane but the game will transition to those speeds?

Yes there is.
Do you know python?
There is a script that I use which is included in the blend here. I didn’t write it, someone else did as part of a tutorial. I can;t remember who or where but I haven’t changed the file name, so you could google the file name.


gameEngineCustomEditMotionAct.blend (133 KB)

It seems like you’re a beginner, to the game engine at least. I guess you’ve just gotta experiment with logic bricks and simple objects to start with. You can use all the buttons and sticks on a gamepad. And with actuators you can apply force to an object or set a velocity that adds with each frame. And you can set a maximum velocity (I think) with logic bricks. When you’ve figured that out you can use simple scripts as controller bricks that easily allow you more control over force or velocity depending on the position of the stick or the length of time you have a button pressed.

When you say - will the game transition to those speeds? - you might be meaning - how do I keep a moving object in view? If I’ve got you right, you can have cameras in your scene that follow your object, and there’s heaps of ways of doing this.

Have you set up a cube sitting on a (ground)plane? Set the plane to static and the cube to dynamic? Have you applied a vertical force to the cube so that it lifts off the plane? Have you had a camera track the cube? Have you slow parented the camera to the cube? I’m not being a wise guy, I just figure that you need to get a bit more acquainted with the game engine.