speeding up animation

Is there a way to speed up an animation, or do i just make a faster version of the animation? I don’t want to increase or decrease the fps to do so


i have wondered this before, i’m not sure so i hope you get an answer! :frowning:

Well you could make a duplicate animation, then move the keyframes back, or set the animation to a property then change the property different amounts.

Yeah. That would probably be easiest. I guess you could write some script…but thats more complicated. :eyebrowlift2:

um… The action editor maybe? Go to the first frame of your animation and you can scale your animation down to whatever you want!

Sorry, I don’t really understand the question :slight_smile:

Just press “s” in the action editor and the keys will scale up.

check this thread with example: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=161007

I think this is what you need

great idea Monster! That’s really great! It’ll be easier to do slow motion for only some characters! Really nice! I’ll use it on my next game project :cool:

you could always just change the frame rate to a faster speed .
this would only work if you are saving the objects position as frames and not seconds.