Speeding up blender when lots of objects

So before i start, my set up is: dual xeon e5-2670 and a GTX 1080. I also have 32gb of ram.

Rendering on Dual Xeons is great, sometimes its faster than the 1080 in certain situations.

But having these processors are obviously great for rendering but what am i able to do to reduce lag within blender before i do any rendering.
Currently i’m working on a very large scene and if i move around the veiw-port there is a lot of lag.

Am i correct in thinking i just need a faster processor with less cores? I understand this part of blender doesn’t utilise this number of cores.

To an extent faster single threaded performance will help - but one should also consider that Blender’s viewport does have limitations, sadly, that cannot be overcome with hardware.
Hopefully it’ll improve a bit in the next release.

That said jumping from a xeon to something like a 7700k OC’d to 5ghz hypothetically should see better perf’.

(Source - under and overclocking my 5960x to see what happens)