Speeding up "Dial-Up" internet advice?

Hi all,

I’ve been on a “dial-up” internet service -forever-, and recently tried to upgrade to either an ADSL or cable service without luck. I won’t go into the details, but because of where I’m located, neither will work here.

So looks like I’m stuck with dialup for at least another 6 months to a year. I think I’m getting fairly good throughput as it is, but would like to get even more if I can. I’m using a local provider, Kanotix/Debian Linux and an external V.92 modem. It seemed to me that I got a fairly decent improvement when I switched from Windoze because I no longer have to use all those darn virus/spam blockers. When I download files, Firefox shows that I’m averaging about 5300 bytes/second.

My question is this: What about all these “dial-up accelerators”? I haven’t seen any for Linux, only for Windows, but do they work? Would I get better speeds than I get now if I went with one of them? Is there anything else I can do to improve my speeds right now?

I was -really- hoping to get either DSL or cable, but since that’s not an option I’m hoping someone can help me find at least a little bit more from what I’ve got.

Thanks all for taking a look!

have you tried satelliete? it goes around 300kbps actual transfer. my 5mbit dsl averagges around 600-700 actual transfer

dial up accelerators download and save certain things on web pages (images) that appear often. take for instance, the elysiun banner at the top of page. that would stay in your cache and whenever you came here, it would load from cache instead of being downloaded again.
they dont actually accelerate anything they just inteligently store information. id recommend against getting one because some websites change images but keep the same name, so you woul;dnt see right image.

you could try and get dual dial up = twice dialup speed.

Best way to speed up dial-up:

throw your modem out the window

In all seriousness… you lose a lot of what makes the internet worth having without having a fast connection. Don’t bother if you don’t have cable/dsl/etc. in my opinion.

(No offense to folks who can’t afford it. That’s another story. This is directed to people who picked dial-up intentionally.)

yea it takes you a whole night to get porn

Don’t bother if you don’t have cable/dsl/etc. in my opinion.

i agree most people assume everyone has high speed, but some people just go on the net to check email and that. the internet is still worth having with dialup. i use if for projects and information. without even basic dialup id probably fail most of my ib classes.
some of my friends only have dialup because its not worth it to jump to highspeed. there only on for research, so theres no point for the extra speed. mind you, we do have ‘high speed lite’ in our town but im sure (at least i hope) they dsont know bout it

dialup = 14.95 a month
dsl = 39.95 a month

Desoto, that was a particularly uneducated, and insensitive response and I’m surprised you made it. For a moderator for an international and open source forum to make such a response I think is irreprehensible.

It’s not a matter of whether I can afford high speed internet or not (and even if it was, why should that matter?), ITS NOT AVAILABLE for me to get. Do you understand now?

Please forget I even asked this question and delete it from the forum, I’m sorry I even asked.

Have a nice day.

I understand your issues, for I moved to a rural farming area with no high speed.

I wouldn’t go with “dial-up accelerators” your browser saves cache already for repeated pictures, some (net zero high speed dial up for example) try to speed up the pages you view by routing the pages through their machines …compressing the images… then sending them to you… to see an increase in speed you have to turn the compression all the way up (makes the pictures look like crap) and the increase really isn’t significant.

I would not suggest the dish, your stuck with an awful contract and hardware fees out the wazoo… besides most companys have poor customer satisfaction except Ground Control (don’t believe me google up some reviews) they also choke your bandwidth if you use more than your allotment.

wireless highspeed- is worth looking into… there are alot of sprouting companys trying to grab the rural market

multi-linking- is reliable (multiple modems connected to individual phonelines) you need to find a compatible provider around $14 for 2*56=112k but you still have the cost of the additional phone line… (I pay $15 for the first and $9 for the second) around $38 a month estimate (they do support up to 16 lines I think… 896k but it’d cost ya)

any way you go your going to need to do lots of research about your area, and prices…

good luck in your search

My question is this: What about all these “dial-up accelerators”? I haven’t seen any for Linux, only for Windows, but do they work?

you only see them for windows cuz of spyware/viruses (as all things windows). friend got one, got a bunch of crap installed on his computer.

my advice would be to get something like Getright or similiar, and when using it to download, use the accelerated (segmented) downloading option.

lets get one thing clear:
download accelerators do not improve your speed at all. its still 56k.

if you get one it will cause more problems than good.

id just live with it for another year. its hard, but i had dialup till a year ago ( highspeed wasnt available) its not that bad. just ask a friend to dl your things for ya

Thank you all for your replies. I also did a bit more homework elsewhere on the net and everybody says the same thing, “avoid internet accelerators”… So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I live in a fairly desolate area on a fairly small island in the middle of the Pacific, so I don’t know anyone with high speed here (although there are lots who do, just no one in my area and noone I know personally). I do have a buddy on the mainland with a cable hookup, so I’ll just have to bug him until DSL becomes available in my area (they say -maybe- in 6 months, which I’m guessing will be more like a year).

Thanks again.

From your name and avata I deduced your location :D. Must be one beautiful place where you live. I remember Hawaii pretty well and it was beautiful. this aside of course

I agree with satellite if its a possibilty (but I have no idea of the prices). I knew people who had it (except they were living on a ranch in the middle of Texas so not cable or ADSL there either) and the speed was pretty good i must say.

Well done :wink: Yeah, I am in Hawaii, on the far West side of Oahu (just before the road ends).

I agree with satellite if its a possibilty (but I have no idea of the prices). I knew people who had it (except they were living on a ranch in the middle of Texas so not cable or ADSL there either) and the speed was pretty good i must say.
Satellite probably would be a good idea if I didn’t live in a community with restrictive “condo association” rules, I can’t hang or errect anything outside. Plus I’m in a valley surrounded by 4000’ mountains on 3 sides, so I’m not sure if I’d get decent “satellite visibility” here. Heck, we don’t even get decent cell phone coverage over here :wink:

Thanks for trying though!

Use an adblock filter, and use it liberally.

Cutting out the graphics, flash, and flimflam on websites will result in a huge speed up. For even more speedup, browse the web using Lynx. :slight_smile:

There’s also the practise of “tab juggling,” where you read the content of one page while other tabs load in the background. It works great for forums.

I also live in a valley surrounded on 3 sides by mountains.
And yet I have DSL because the community where I live invested in a 25km radio link with a repeater in the middle on top of one of the hills.

The nominal pass thru rate is 11Mbp/sec.

This involved a reasonably large sum of money including such things as solar panels, battery backup etc etc. But the interesting thing is that we just use a normal old wireess card with high gain antennas This makes the actual radio cost cheap, but the infrastructure to support it expensive.

We could only get DSL put in because we rallied the local community on the far side of the hills to want it in their area.
Maybe if enough people around wanted it, they might do something about it?

As has been mentioned before, an alternative is to use ISDN which basically uses 2 x 56k lines.

BTW do you have fixed copper lines coming into your valley, or is it a “country radio” link.
The original phone lines into this valley are via a country radio set put in by Telecom but it cannot support DSL or any more lines.
It is waaaaay out of date.
Hence us putting in our own system.

I guess I should have added that in addition to using Debian, I’m also using Firefox, so I’m well acquainted with all of these. Thanks though.

My current “obstacle” is that I just updated to Firefox 1.5, and it crashes -every other launch-. Kinda wierd, but I’ve read on the 'net that 1.5 is particularly prone to memory leaks and crashes. Oh well…

Azecraze - Sorry, I must have posted on top of you and missed your reply. Sounds like you live in a pretty “forward” thinking community, we may be there in another couple of decades I’m afraid :-?

I will probably be able to get DSL eventually. A bit more of the story (and I won’t give you the whole story as it’s alot longer than I’m sure you want to know): We are -supposed- to be able to have DSL service right now. I’m told my area is “right next” to a hub, BUT (and here’s where it gets frustrating) our local phone company (used to be Verizon) got bought out by another company (a new start-up). Even though we are no longer under Verizon for phone service, they still manage the DSL (until the new company is “ready” to take over). To make a very long story short, there’s nothing to motivate Verizon to do anything at this point. Apparently the capability is there, but nobody is willing or able to do anything about it. I guess alot of folks at Verizon are pretty upset about the take-over, so you don’t exactly get alot of help when you call them. Our new phone provider says that they will eventually take over the DSL portion by mid-year, but knowing how these things go, I’m guessing early next year. It’s already been a year since the take-over, so things have been moving really slowly… :expressionless: This side of the island is pretty backwards technology-wise and the politics are pretty crooked (isn’t it that way everywhere?) so getting permits or ralleying support are kind of un heard of here.

I may look into ISDN though. I’ve never heard of anyone here using it, but who knows? Thanks again!

Yes, forward - as in neccessary. With six different companies requiring access, and Telecom not willing to do anything, it makes it essential.
Sounds more like you have a political issue rather than infrastructure.
So maybe you will just have to sit it out till all is resolved or start up a new company that caters for this sort of thing in your area? HaHa!

Hehe, get some investors and make a dsl startup in your area, that would scare your company into action! Then you could go bankrupt… :smiley: very sneaky

As for firefox, 1.5 (and all versions with me for that matter) have horrible segfault problems. They are keep pushing to release it without cleaning up all the small bugs. I just use opera for most things, it autosaves on exit (and crash) so when you reopen it all your tabs are open, plus it’s fast and shiny :smiley:

Yup, I just switched to Opera and immediately noticed a speed improvement. Plus with Opera I can easily turn off pictures (for things like reading forum posts) which makes it much, much faster…

I had a few problems with the earlier versions of Firefox, but 1.5 was a killer. The good thing is that it motivated me to try Opera, and I’m glad I did. The other thing I’ve done is that I haven’t installed the flash plug-in yet. Waiting for flash graphics to load has always been a pain, so now I just breeze by without it.

The big reason why I wanted a fast internet connection was so I could speed up my downloads and allow me to download big files. I’ll just learn to live without it for a while longer…

Thanks for your help!!!

Your very welcome, and I hope you can pester your telecoms company into giving you dsl soon.