Speeding up Sequencer-Only Rendering

It takes around 3 frames/sec for rendering my video. I’m only using video and audio strips, but it’s still pretty slow!
Is there anyway of making it faster? (It sounds stupid, but I’ve noticed other video editors tend to process videos much faster.) Obviously, this can run faster when run from the command-line, but it’s still sluggish!

The other weird thing - the window says that the frame took 00.00.xx to render, but it takes much longer to change frames when rendering!

I really love Blender’s VSE, but it really needs to be faster… :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anything in the 3D view of the VSE scene to render? Sometimes if there is a camera there it tries rendering that first, before slapping in your video. Also it may depend on the type of output you are trying to render. If the output codec is heavily compressed Blender takes time squashing it down to fit.