SpeedMeter Almost done! Need NITRO! "

Hey, have a speed bar done, and when i press W It works, and when i relese it drops, ok!
But i have plane game, and my plane doest stop i set to fly always, so my speed needs to be constant, like 40, and i set when i press shift u get +20 speed so plane goes faster, and i would like to when i press shift my plane will go faster, and that will colculate on my speed bar!
so i want my speed bar to record speed of my plane in blender 2.49, if someone could remade this project and upload fixed file, but let it be less complicated, with low knowing blender!
Thank you!

I changed it to Blender 2.5x and up.
speedometer2.5x 2.blend (166 KB)

You don’t need python for that you can do the same with LogicBriks.