Speedmodeling Entry: Life in a Jar (Childhood memories)


Modeling: 1 hour 30 minutes
Renderer: Blender internal scanline renderer
Rendertime: 10 minutes.

I was remembering my childhood, who hasn’t catched a few tadpoles in their time? :slight_smile:
Got all nostalgic while modeling this one, it’s not very advanced in any way as you
can see, but it does bring back memories.

It’s my entry for one of the local speedmodeling contests.

awesome…1hr 30minutes…very good…im speechless…theres nothing i can say to describe this…id be doing it wrong

perhaps make the water a very little bit less clear. were these just caught from the lake and put in a jar (it looked to me like the jar was on a dock)? Very nice work.

Pretty good, but why isn’t this in th espeed modeling forum?

BTW, only crit is that the jar looks a little shiny and unmarked

For ninety minutes work, I’d say it’s outstanding.

For continued work, I’m sure there’s things you’ve already thought of to fix. I’d like to see some muck in the water, like these were just plucked out of the lake.

There’s one tadpole you can view through the threads of the jar, distorting it. How do you create an effect like that?

Wow great stuff. This would probably take me day or two to model. Can you show us ur blender setup? thanks

Thanks guys,
It’s not in THIS forum’s speed-forum because it’s an entry in a local contest where
I live, we have weekly speedmod forums there. But there’s no reason not to show it
in here from time to time, I do appreciate the feedback - It helps me improve.

What exactly do you mean by setup sagat? If it’s a wire you want it’s right
here: http://www.hamsterking.com/blender/3d/tadpoleswire.jpg

thanks for the wireframe :slight_smile: How did you set up the lamps, lightning etc?

The light setup is …underdone …to say the least :expressionless: but it was a speedcontest
after all, I’ll do better next time.

Well…the light is just 1 omnilight to the side of the object (the standard one)
and the second light is a SpotLight raytraced with traceable Shadows set
to on in the shader menu. The strenght where about 1300 since I had only
this one spolight in the scene…

Ambient occlusion where set to on with 11 samples, and distanced affected
about 2. (Dinstance set to 2) Add - only.

thanks man

chants yafray! yafray!

Were the rules that you had to use Blender internal? Blender internal always gives transparent materials that plastic look.

I don’t think it would have taken long in yafray if caustics were off.

I know, you’re gonna say it was a speedmodelling contest and not a rendering contest but still.

Anyway, I think the wood looks really nice and the modelling isn’t bad. The tadpoles seem differently shaped than I remember them as a kid though and I don’t know if they would be quite as transparent.

The eyes seem a bit big too and placed to near the front of the face instead of on the sides.

Some ripples on the top where the highest up tadpole is would’ve added some realism or possibly a meniscus (on the edge of the jar too).

Funny you should mention that Osxrules :slight_smile:

Sometimes I chose the internal Blenderer because I lack the skills to
reproduce a certain effect I’d want in yafray.
Most of the times I do use yafray, especially when I want “super-clean” results.

The tadpoles where actually modeled after references found on the net,
here’s a closer rendering (still internal renderer) just so you can see how
much detail actually went into them (and got lost in the distance-rendering):


Ah, they look much better close up. One other thing I was going to mention to add some realism to glass in the internal renderer is to add a slight reflection onto the glass material.