Speedmodelling: Beam-robots that fly


My entry in the “things that fly” competition at a local 3d board in Denmark
time used: 2 hours and 45 minutes. Render incl.
Internal Renderer. Blender 2.40 Alpha 2.

Yes…it’s a flying beam robot…you know…such as made by crazy hobbyist
that like to fiddle around with old electronic parts still stuck in the 80’ies…

very nice render, well done for the time alloted. Only 1 crit:
Your motion blur shows the blade spinning in the same direction. They should be spinning in opposite directions to keep it from spinning out of control.

I like it too, only I would also mention that the prop blades also have too much “twist” to them. The tips are swinging like barn doors in the wind.

Nice image, the twist in the blades is in the wrong direction. The angle of attack should be bigger near the axle and smaller at the tip of the propeller.

Yeah, that’s true. This robot could be used for boring holes, but not flying… :wink:

LOL!!! :smiley:

You guys are right. Man I’m embarrased. I can’t even re-do it as it is a piece
of competition, but it won’t stay after the compo without an edit. LOL

Of course the blade should counter-rotate to stay in balance, and that they’re
facing the wrong way would be a classic for me :expressionless: If there’s a 50 %
chance in a guessing game…I’d be guessing as such, that’s why I
never buy lottery tickets …he he .

Anyway thanks for your crits. :wink:

Hey, nice to see someone here likes BEAM.

Beside what the others have said: that thing at the bottom that hold it together (don’t know what it’s called in english), has a blue reflection on it. First, I don’t think it should have that much refkection at all. Second, it should be reflection ground, try adding a large plane just below your robot.

Other than that, nice model+picture!