Speedmodelling entry: Mp3-Player

Hi, got some time today to enter a speedmodelling contest, here’s my entry:



The whole thing done in 3 hours incl. textures (the LCD display
is homemade too)

Simple model…but my challenge here was beliveable realism
in 3 hours…not entirely perfect…but what do you think?

beliveable realism

Looks good but i’ve got a couple of suggestions. If your going for believable realism i’d model it to resemble an mp3 player that is widly recognizable, like the ipod or archos jukebox. Also I’d add some sort of blemishes and small imperfections too make it more realistic (and in turn more believable).
You might also consider adding a headphone jack etc (or give us an angle where we can see them). Overall though what you’ve got looks nice, espescialy for speed modeling.


F2R: Far too relective. Otherwise, very nice.


Hehe…thanks guys…all true :slight_smile:

It was just a 3 hours competition, I won’t do anything else
to it…(as that would be cheating) :slight_smile: The rules are simple…
…model for 3 consecutive hours and stop.

I’ve gotta do better next time.

That’s pretty good for 3 hours of work.

Not bad, but what do you use to select songs? :wink:

Thanks guys.

(The same as my own Mp3 player…the clickable jog-wheel) :slight_smile:
The other button is a “menu” mode-selector. Don’t need anything
else - really!

I think it’s quite perfect for a 3 hours modeling contest. very nice material for the metal cover.


The modelling wasn’t what took time…

Modelling: 30 Minutes
Textures & render: 2 Hours & 30 minutes

Tried to make the LCD panel as beliveable as possible…


I think the first render looks fantastic, but the second one has too much reflection on MP3’s. Good job on the panel.