Trying to do a broader landscape in Vray. Not ideally suited I must say because of the lack of atmospheric effects, volumetric lights and lens effects. This one was heavily post-produced in Pshop and in Blender’s node compositor.
Rendering a short BI animation right now, which I’ll post later.

Sorry about the small-res, bad-quality image: Forum limitations…


This one has the makings of a future Blender F1 Challenge entry! :slight_smile:

Nice work but the racers need more detail or perhaps a lower angle. I think the background and environment are cool.

Caio for now!

Nice one, at first i thought it was too grey but upon closer inspection it suits the style, mostle this is because of the detailed textures and depth to the image. The heat shimmery effect is a great touch.
2 things bother me; first the lense flair at the bottom right HAS to go, or at least change. If you’re gonna keep it atleast reduce the saturation and make it alot more subtle.
The other thing is the composition, the x-wing type ship is in a slightly boring place what with it beiong directly behind the first ship, it could do with being more to the image’s left i think.

You could always upload it to Photobucket or something, and just give some img tags, or if it’s to big a direct link.

I like it, but I agree with TheANIMAL, the lens flare is just a distraction. And also, the distortion coming out of the back of the vehicle doesn’t look like it’s very high velocity. All the distortion is equal at all angles, but it should really be very stretched along the direction of movement.

Quoted for complete agreement. I agree with everything said here.

It looks like a Starfury to me.

I like this image a lot. The only thing that bothers me is ship materials/textures. Especially on the lead ship, the textures look more like concrete or stone rather than metallic. Or maybe they’re supposed to be some sort of ceramic composite? If not, you should experiment with the ship material qualities a bit more. Perhaps add a few muted color accents.

Thanks a lot for the very interesting comments, guys. I thought this was finished, but I’ve decided to do more work on it and incorporate the suggestions. Will be back with an update shortly.

I completely disagree about the lens flare in the bottom corner. If you take out all the realistic imperfections in a shot then it looks too sterile. You go to a lot of trouble to make texture maps dirty, why not grunge up the image too?

Great pic BTW

Ok, here’s what I hope will be a final update. I’ve remodelled and textured the main craft to add a bit of complexity and some colour variation; I’ve changed the composition and framing; the lens flare is a lot more subtle, and so is the chromatic aberration. I got rid of the heat haze, which didn’t quite work in the first place. I’ve played a lot with materials but there’s not much one can do here with such a frontal kind of illumination - with the sun where it is (which is where I think it should be), materials automatically tend to look flat.


I like the re-texture on the main ship. It really brings the ship alive and gives the scene more dimensionality.

As for the composition, I prefer the lower angle of the original. The original gives more of a sense of speed. Perhaps you can split the difference. Also, I think the way the lead ship was pointing right into the glare or the sun in the original was working better to draw your eye through the scene.

The position of the Starfury isn’t quite working for me. Maybe you can try to move it a bit down and to the right and give it more of an angle, like it’s fighting to get inside of the lead ship.

You also might want to change the color of the red/orange glows on the rear ship to different colors to differentiate the ships.

Maybe you can experiment with bringing back a bit of the heat shimmer/exhaust combined with a motion blur on the trailing edges of the ships. Maybe it’ll work, maybe not.

I’ll attach a quick and dirty paste up to roughly illustrate some of my comments. (I apologize for brutalizing your great work.)


Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment in such details. All good points. I might do one last version of this one then.

You’re welcome. I was afraid I might have gone too far with my critique. I’m enthusiastic with my comments because I like the image so much.

Here’s an image comparing my impression of the line that my eye travels through each of these two images. The original on the left just seems more dynamic. The sun flare points the way and the grid lines of the overhead canopy are like speed lines adding to the flow and feeling of movement.


I definitely agree with harveen. Very good remark concerning composition.
Anyway great picture.