I have some retopology to do this week so I created this code to help me.

The addon allowsz you to make retopology with Bsurface and looptools.
It’s free and I hope you will like it :wink:

SUPPORT ON DISCORD > https://discord.gg/ctQAdbY

The addon is really simple, select your reference object and click on Setup Retopo.


You can add the reference in the reference object or by selecting the reference and launching the tool, that will add it directly.

the addon creates a mesh, you are in edit mode and you juste have to draw Grease pencil lines and click on Add Bsurface.



The addon keeps a shrinkwrap modifier ON, like that when you add Bsurface, the vertex are snapped on the ref surface.
You can of course delete the Shrinkwrap if you want and at it later with the X at the right of the reference object.



The two icons at the right of Add Bsurface are Occlude Geometry and Align to X.


On the Mirror, you can Hide it, activate the Clipping, Apply it and remove it.
the Mirror use the Auto mirror code (no need to install automirror) and then you can cut your object and add mirror directly.


The GStretch is a looptools tool.


The Space is a Lopptools too, but combined with a Relax from Looptools.


Bridge and Gridfill you know them :wink:

The Last tool, Relax is a modified version of Laprelax.

If you have a selection, the relax will be on the selection, if not, the relax will be on the entire mesh.


As you can see, this is pretty simple and you don’t need 10 addons to make your retopo, the addon use only Bsurface and Looptools.

If the addons are not activated, you will have a message asking you to activate them.


On the preferenences you can switch the menu in the T or N panel, change the category name and Use the pie menu or not.



If the addons are not activated, you will have this.

Like I said, the addon is really simple, I hope you will like it.

Available on Gumroad.

Have fun :wink:


Thank you. I donated even before using it, but the functionality seems helpful, and I already have and use your Asset Management. I appreciate your contributions.

Thx, it’s nice of you, I hope you will like it :wink:

Very generous of you, Wazou :slight_smile: Will use along all your other excellent addons.

Thank you Wazou, another of his addon to facilitate the work of all.

Thank you!!!

I’ve downloaded it. Thank you.

Thx guys :wink:

Merci beaucoup, Cédric. Your addons are always awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. All your addons make Blender so much better and usable. Also love your videos and I always learn something new in your youtube channel.

All the best,

Thank’s man, I’ll start calling this program “Pitiwazou-3D”, honestly, with all the awesome improvements you’ve made in terms of workflow and functionality Blender is better than ever :smiley:

I couldn’t agree more. :slight_smile:


Don’t forget jeremy who helped me a lot on SpeedSculpt and make great work on Speedflow and the Asset Management !
It’s a team effort !

Right, kudos and many thank’s to Jeremy too!! You two should be hired directly by the BF, one for coding, the other one for UI, usability and workflow. :smiley:

I code too ^^
Not as good as jeremy, but I code !


You’re my hero :3

I’m testing it and works like a charm. The only thing is that even though I have disabled the “use pie menu” option on the users preferences whenever I press SHIFT + RMB the pie menu appears.

WOW, so you really made the retopo addon!
I’ll donate tomorrow even if it’s free to download.

There’s just 1 thing missing to make it perfect as a scalpel: a contour-style feature for those limbs and horns! :evilgrin:
(but seriously and bit off-topic: Pitiwazou what techniques you’v got against those peculiars shapes?)

You have to restart blender after disabling the pie in the preferences :wink:

Oh. sorry for that. My mistake. It’s working like a charm. Thank you so much.

Realy usefull ! Big thanks!
Is it possible add “Retopo MT” to SpeedRetopo ,shelf and Pie can show MT if i enable “retopo_mt” addon ?