Speedskating Game

I decided to start up on a speedskating game and I think I have everything planned out fine this time thanks to Social’s awesome tut.

At the moment, I’m working on animations and I’m still deciding what to do for gameplay. It’s either going to have separate keys for crossovers around the corners or when you hit the corner’s material it will change what they normal keys do. It will possibly have a stamina meter and if exceeded, your skater drops out of the race. The game will include both long track (400m track) and short track (111m track) races.



At the moment, the skater looks like Michael Jackson so I still have a little bit of texturing to do.

The character and concept look pretty good so far. I’ve never seen skaters go around an actual track with a football field in the middle but then again I don’t watch speed skating all that much. I would put corner materials thing you were talking about instead of using seperate keys for the crossovers because it would become too difficult with seperate keys. Good luck with this project.

MagicMan, Thanks. Hah in BC there aren’t any indoor long track ovals so I’m sort of modelling it after this place our team goes every year. They just throw water on a running track and wait for it to freeze :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoah, in Australia it is NEVER that cold.

I like the game idea, and I want to play it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the character model so far too, nice work. :smiley:

Forgot to mention… Props to whoever made MakeHuman and the awesome Decimate feature :wink: I suck at modelling :stuck_out_tongue:


nice ass on the second pic :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good so far, when it comes to being cold enough for water to freeze it does get that cold here a few times a year in the winter. In January the high can be anywhere from 11 to 72 degrees (Farenheit)

Something really weird going on with the texture on the side of his face. maybe you’ll want to take a look at that.

Yeah thanks. I took a picture of the side of my head and the front and lighting is kind of different. If everything starts to work I’ll fix that :stuck_out_tongue: