Speedtree Animations

I’ve created a tree in Speedtree and am trying to get it imported with its animations in blender, but Blender doesn’t seem to import the animations when it imports the .fbx file.
It imports the geometry and textures perfectly fine, but there are no animations.

Any idea why this might be the case?

Thanks for your help!

For animations I personally use the Alelmbic format. It works perfect for me.

Yeah I noticed I was able to get animations imported with alembic, but then my materials all show up white and have absolutely no texture or color.

Did you find a workaround for the materials when importing alembic files from Speedtree?

The textures should be in the export folder… I am not sure if there is an other way but I manually assign the correct textures to the materials.

When you export a tree from Speedtree in *.fbx format, you get no animations because there are no animations at all in this file.

You have a lot of UV layouts, right? These are used for displacement. The UV space gets modified and the resulting values are controling the offset. Kind of vertex animation.