Speedtree to Blender Cycles

I have SpeedTree Modeler
I can export it and import the mesh and the materials into blender, the problem is when I need to render it in Blender Cycles. SpeedTree make the mesh, make realistic materials whit normal map, specular (on leaves) and translucenty material (on leaves). So I want to make it photorealistic in blender Cycles.

In speedtree the leaves looks like that:

With a nice normal map and translucent material and etc…

But in blender cycles the material is a diffuse with a texture. The textures that I have are a Diffuse, Normal Map and Specular (the alpha channel determine the opaque and translucent parts).

Anyone had imported trees from SpeedTree to blender?
Any one know how make a photorealistic leaf material with translucent?

P.S. I’m not speak (in this case write) English very well, I’m not english.

Try setting Blender to Cycles Render Engine before making the import (instead of switching to Cycles after the import). If you have SpeedTree v7.0.7 it should make your materials with nodes for Cycles, how they should be. There still might be some tweaking to be done, but you should be all set.
Have a good one!

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Oh, and that minor tweaking I was talking about, so far I’ve noticed just one: For the leaves only, go to node editor, and connect the alpha node from one of the diffuse (not normal or specular) image texture nodes TO the factor (fac) node from the shader mix alpha nodes.

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I want this. :stuck_out_tongue:

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