Speedy Spin - WIP

I was bored, and had a cell phone that had rapid roll on it. I decided to make my own, and then decided to share it.
Some screens:

And the run time:windows runtime .7z - 1.43 mb
If anyone doesn’t like sendspace, feel free to suggest an alternate host.

EDIT: updated with faster player and different scoring. c&c welcome


Edit: Can’t open it. I get an error.

try the new one. Also, you need to put it in your blender directory so it has all the .dlls

alright. I’ll download it in a while when I don’t have so much do to. :slight_smile:

My high score is 2364!

(that rhymed)

I got 7879

Pretty high, I got 2729…
Well done. Relatively simple, fun game.