On my holiday in France I have seen this 3D movie (with special effects they call it 4D)
http://www.polymorph.fr/FR/index.php?c=3 in amusement park le pal.
It was really fun.
I was wondering which software they use for making speedzayolo.
Is it also possible to render a movie with blender which can be seen through 3D glasses

certainly, there are many blender demos of this on youtube already, with cross eyes you don’t even need glasses but it takes some skill to do this. Youtube already supports 3D uploads!

Here it is the answer http://www.noeol.de/s3d/ and you can mix any type :wink:

Thanks for the link. I have seen the video is not very easy to setup but it works.
And for Blender 2.5 a basic and alpha release, very nice.