SPEL IT RITE: Signs around U.S. showing spelling and grammer errors galore


Spelling and grammer errors, like the fast-food joint that spells pieces as ‘pieses’. Or abuse an apostrophe.

U.S grammer is getting worse, so bad in some places in fact teachers may want to give the entire country a blood red colored ‘F’.

Were sorry for teh inconveninse.

This is because people are stupid and the teachers are stupid and they don’t give a shit anyway.

Sure, it dose mater for tehm.
Thye alos haet keybroasd. Thy wrute 5 keys pre secnod and stil mizz al of tehm.
(And the S.O.A.Bs sent the guys to jail)

Well i`m good at spelling but grammar not so much.

Im fine at both… though I agree with scabootsca, the american school system is such a mess.

There’s also alot of trouble with word origins. For example, “gay”'s original meaning was “happy” (searched for definition and result is 1. Excited with merriment; manifesting sportiveness or
delight; inspiring delight; livery; merry.)

CD, it is grammar, not grammer.


… the misuse of commas…
… starting a sentence with “Or”…
… constructing such tortured language as "so bad in some places in fact teachers "…
… misspelling “grammar”…
CD, your post is a classic display of terrible grammar and punctuation.
People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Lol, those misspelled words in the first couple of sentences I would never have thought could be slaughtered that badly.

I would totally agree with you, but I don’t think teachers would be able to spot the mistakes themselves.

Homeschoolers will take over!!!


I even love how Apple’s slogan for the new Ipod Touch is “The Funnest Ipod Ever.” It should be most fun, not funnest.

It’s even more funny when people with bad spelling try to look fancy.
Sure, you can spell “shop” “shoppe”, but “shoppé” is just stupid. Another example is “coup d’état”. I would say that it is okay to spell it “coup d’etat” if you don’t know where the diacritics go; I often see people spelling “còup d’etát” or some such.

It really isn’t our fault though, because unlike nice languages like Spanish or German, we don’t have an actual way to spell.

Itt wudd bie better if wie cudd spell things tha wee thee saund, leik in djermann. Wie wudd djøst häv tu madiffei it e bitt in order tu yus al øv aur foniems. For ekzampl, wie cudd yus “z” as “z” instedd øv “ts” äs itt izz inn djermann.

Well there’s a nice spelling error right there CD.

Coloured has a ‘u’ in it.

Gosh. :yes:

Actually America spells that “color”. Its confusing I know, I had to relearn that when I came here. :rolleyes:

@Philbo: Ah man, when I saw ‘funnest’ I seriously wanted to punch something. Thank the Lord there weren’t any babies present.

Lol I know, I’m just messing around. :cool:
My internet spell checker is the US version, it always tries to correct my Australian spelling. Should get the Aus version sometime…

I’m guess I’m not as good at grammar as I would think of to be. Oh well, so would 90 percent of every other american.:eyebrowlift2: