Spell Breaker

finaly done:

I didn’t open a wip thread because I got so cought up by it, I couldn’t stop (and it didn’t took me a very long time to model) :).

That’s some pretty good modelling there! congrats :slight_smile:

that’s cool :slight_smile:

Cool! I like the designs in his outfit!
Good flow! and good job making the design pleasantly smooth, yet angular!
Keep it up!

I just rendered a higher-res version:

BTW: thanks for the comments.
CoreyAvitar: the design is based on the one fromBlizzard (with some small touches of my own).

Very nice modeling, well done sijp. I have one crit for now though, and that is his face looks very pale, he looks very night-elvish.

Nice crisp model. Love the stylized clothes and his feirce eyebrows lol I want some. Is he rigged for posing? A nice ‘battle stance’ would make this great picture into a crazy great picture lol. Now you just need the ground breaking under his feet and a massive energy aura arou…okay I’ll be quiet. Good models get me all worked up :smiley:


misfit: he is not rigged… well, besides the gauntles. I will need to work on his back and deal with the sleeves. and he has this real big bald spot in his back of his head :)…

Milky: I used a skydome that had blue skies and clouds… I guess that’s why he’s quite blue… I can’t think of any other reason…:confused:

I love it! Alway a favourite unit of mine in Warcraft 3. I wish I could model something like that and say it didnt take me long…


THE MODELING IS GREAT! but i think some materials need some ray mirror i bet it would look damn good ith an ang map, then it reflects nice!