Spelling Test

What’s your best guess?

You need a “None of the above” option, my BWRAAAAAAAAAAAAARG’s got another r, and sometimes a few h’s…

the correct spelling is BWRARG
any questions?


Surprising results.
Here’s a graph to help us make sense of it all…


You edited this post 7 times, and it was still this irrelevant?

working out how to set up a poll is tricky shbaz :frowning: I made a lot of spelling mistakes and had to keep correcting them.

Irrelevant? That’s a very good point, however the results - as I have illustrated in the pie chart - are quite staggering (if you think about it for very extremely considerably enourmously inordinately long periods of time).

There needs to be a “Bwargh!” option; that’s how I spell it.

You’re right Prismatic. I should have included other options… but 7 edits seemed rather excessive. In hindsight, other options should have included:

a) The way I spell Bwrarg has no limits
b) The way I spell Bwrag depends on how I am feeling
c) Bwrarg is a distraction from creating and commenting upon fabulous creations in the Elysiun forum
d) Bwrarg-work keeps me busy, I have no time to work out how to spell it
e) I spell Bwrarg like this…______________

I notice that the voting keeps changing in unpredictable ways with three main contenders. It looks surprisingly close at the moment. Looks like I’ll need to make another pie chart