Spere and segments

Is it possible to reduced the amount of segment in the back of a UB spere

Ex: Supposed you want to model a head starting with a UV spere

The front of the head needs a lot of segments because the amount of details on the front face is large while in the back of the skull there are very few features

This could be animal head or humanoid head!

Tanks & Salutations

You don’t want to start with a uv sphere for head modelling – the face /edge loops have to follow the muscles (parallel and perpendicular) for good results. I would suggest torq’s face tutorial which sets up the face/edge loops in a reasonable manner.


Where can i find this tutorial

For me a human face is like a monster amount of details if you want it to be the least realist

and i must admit that i don’t really have the patience to work that long on a model

i;m more scientist then artist !