Title : Spermicide : Eliminating the 300 million possibility of becoming someone someday.

please help me improve my work

Thanks to Blendercookie for skull tutorial and blenderguru for Glow/Glare tuttorial


I was expecting something realistic and midly offensive/NSFW… this isn’t :slight_smile: quite addorable actually.

Spend some more time on the glow in the eyes, looks kinda dull

I’m basically just trying to debate which body cavity they seem to be inhabiting…

nice… cool concept

Cool idea!

Suggestions will probably depend on which direction you want to go with this piece. If you want to go a little more on the realistic side you can add some dust/particles to the…ummm…cavity?? Just to make it look like they are swimming through some sort of…ummm…fluid??

rofl not what i expected…

that is really good idea

Wonderful concept. The shadows look a little harsh. Try softer shadows I think and yes the eye glow needs some attention, maybe classic cyborg red eyes.

Just actually wondering - where would the light be coming from? I don’t think I remember any lights there. I’ll just go and check.


Sorry I took so long. Got distracted. Definitely no light there. But I will keep checking just to be sure.

I’m very new in Blender, and the compositor is killing me…haha

some suggestion on how to add ‘liquid effect’ on the scene i really want to add that effect but not sure how to do it. And one more thing when i add Defocus node to the compositor my computer crash :frowning: .

again thank you for your time.