Sperm's life

For first, sorry my english…
For second, here is my project (not first), it will be the film long about 1hr (more or less).It is about what everything could happen until the sperm reaches the egg… :slight_smile: including parody on Splinter cell, matrix, LOTR, Star wars, aliens vs predators and life itself…
Thx for comms…
for more visit http://blender3d.cz/forum/viewtopic.php?t=632&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

lol, some funny models. Some are really well modelled, alien, spider man, jar jar binks, predator. Which one will win the race to the egg, my money is on spidersperm.

LMAO these made me laugh so much, very good modelling there!

very funny pics! very good modeling job.
looking forward to see the animation.

Your not going to model a penis and vagina are you :-? ?

:o What a sperm bank you got there. A lot of donors also. Great picture! :smiley:

If it helps you with the animation:
Just ask me if you want to know how… (my reply in the last post wasn’t very detailed, reading it back…)

My favorite is the fossil one at the end.

ROTFLMAO… definitely. Work this idea. It’s a great one.

Great idea and nice models, few of them could use some more work (spidey for example)

Keep us posted

Btw: why stefano is there too? :smiley:

I like the “thief”, it’s very ninja :slight_smile:

btw, seems like this is going to be pretty long, considering how many characters there are.

Lol, i like the idea ^^
We can easely recognize what is the parody of waht.

nice work

2jackblack:Veeeeeery detailed :smiley:
Thanx to all.Something about story:We will see the life of normal two white sperms how they are travelling in **** (don’t know how to write it :slight_smile: )and how are them meeting these spidermans, Vaders etc. and trying to reach the egg…alive…(about some characters the will just hear from telling).But I think, the problem will be translation (Czech dabing), I think the best are some subtitles…

You could use Ricet Barrier’s “Les Spermatozoides” for the opening credits.

BTW, Ricet Barrier is a French singer/songwriter from the 70’s. Hilarious as hell. It’s quite obscure even for francophones so I thought I’d clarify that.

Where have i seen this one before? I saw a starwars version with the sperm racing for the “death star”

You mean the Sperm Wars with spermicides as Darth Vader? That was in TechTV some time ago.

This is a must download once it’s finished. I love the Jar Jar and the Yoda and also the skeleton :smiley: :smiley:

Oh, I have forgotten a little movement try
2 Bussman:Never heard about it, do you know some link where to download that?

Can’t find any mp3, I’d have to fish out my old vinyl records from the 70’s (they don’t see much use nowadays) and digitize it. PM me if you really want it.

If you read French, you can always read the lyrics for a good laugh.

i want to see this when it’s done!!

dante: it was also on an episode of Family Guy