Sphear flat texturing

how is it ingame:http://imageshack.us/g/594/screenshot18051425.png/
how is it in image:http://cache.toribash.com/forum/torishop/images/texturetemplates/512/head.png
please can you texture a sphear just like that game?
i need to texture that 512x512 image into a sphear to look just like the head
i want it to look just like the head!
i asked someone yesterday and he said it was possiable
so i wanna know how with a finishing pic from that image!
if you dont understand ill explain more just say
and i wanna see the sphear textured from that texture!
]if its textured please give me tutorial

If you already know how to texture and what UVs are, this is pretty simple. Unwrap it with the “Sphere projection” option!

i dont know these 2 can you give me a tutrorial for these 2
and i wanna see the finishing pic please!
(i want to see a sphear textured with that image

Oh wait, here you go - I hope you will find it useful!
SphereProjection.blend (705 KB)

thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much you realllllllly helped me but any tutorial?

can you give me a tutorial?

So any tutrorial?>