Sphere Animation

Inspired by Ion Lucin’s “Spherikal”, I created this animation to improve my skills in Blender.

Fantastic animation :slight_smile:
There are so many techniques used in this clip, I’m certain you’ve learned a lot.
Have you created any animations before?

A real nice use of sphere object the fluid one and the cutting one are best

Love it. Kudos.

You thought of everything! Must have used every modifier in blender haha. I like how it’s so uniform and not all over the place.

Very impressive. Any clues on how you did it? I’ve no idea how you achieved some of those effects.

Why is watching a simple sphere, changing its behavior, so enjoyable?
The music fits also verry well.
Great job.

i hate the music. another replaceable meaningless guitar droning.

Awesome work! Looks like you merged videos of various techniques to make it look like the same sphere, but it’s all seamless. :slight_smile:

nice, thank you for sharing!

Sensual almost. Just a perfect blend of simplicity and complexity with the music. Would be a wonderful loop wallpaper for a PC