sphere chair

Hello guys i decided to model this sofa like object and i made a fly through with the camera

it looks like some planes dint get invisible how they where supposed to.(if someone knows how to do it post it! XD)

but whatever xp

i just wanted to get opinions and tips on how to improve my work! :slight_smile:

-Good model, now you should make a scene around it, like putting it inside a room and don’t forget to turn on “Ambient Occlusion” under world tab (it will make it look better)
-When you say you want to make the plane invisible you mean like making a infinite plane? if so, then just go to the material tab and go to the shadow option and check the “shadows only” box.

ok ill turn ambient occlusion tahnks for the tip hehe,

I dont mean infinite, i mean like … on second 0:11 you see 2 planes flying around XD i put them there so that something reflects on the object , bUT I DONT WANT THOUSE PLANES FLYING AROUND XD i want the reflections! so i wanna make the planes invisible but keep the reflections, any idea?

Okay, try this:
-first make a new render layer under the “layers” option
-put every objects that you want to render in your main scene in render layer 1
-then put every objects that you want as reflection in render layer 2
-render the scene with both layer clicked.
If every thing is done right, then the scene in render layer 1 will render the chair and the reflection but won’t render the object in render layer 2

okey! Im going to try that! ill reply soon! :smiley:

OK it looks like its going to work but when the render finished a wierd thing came out …like if the plane was in top of the table XD