Sphere for rendering

Even though I assume there’s a bunch of these on blend swap and this one won’t make a difference. I still went ahead and modeled one for the community, it’s up for grabs if anyone wants it “.blend file
Please tell me if this thing fills the criteria for light setup, material, PBR and etc. I’m really curious to see what you guys will do with this.

Important Update:

From now on you can download the model from BlendSwap, you know where to click.


Wrong thread, could someone move this to finished projects section, please?




Thanks man, I’m jealous now.
Is it me or are the green orbs kinda blocky? Maybe I haven’t set the modifiers correctly, you should check the render value in SubSurf modifiers for those orbs. I love that silver/steel material, ooh and look at the render time, now I"m four times as jealous as I previously was.

Sorry man don’t know what happened there with the lenses. Before I find myself in a pissing contest without a doubt Cycles is the way to go for realistic metallic material. But, if render time is of the utmost importance BI is a viable alternative. Just be advised if you attempt to animate anything in BI, even the camera, and anything large has a ‘Mirror’ applied to it be in a cool ambient temperature. And, even at 74f it seems my CPU needs to be repasted. When you check Mirror: in BI heat is a definite problem. The guns look great, Ognjen. Best of luck in that endeavor.

Cool stuff, Ghost!

And thanks for sharing your awesome model, Ognjen :slight_smile: The topology is killer!

Was curious how it would look rendered and throw some of my materials onto it. Lighting is done with an HDRI.

Thanks again, Ognjen. This is very helpful.


Those are some really good materials guys, glad someone actually showcased anything. Thought this thread would only contain my comments, guess I was wrong.

minoribus, I see your Cycles materials and fancy HDRI and raise you two BI Z Transparencies. :eyebrowlift: Hey, we both know a render like this is not Blender Internals forte and never was. So other then Cycles won’t even spool up on my machine in fifteen seconds it’s simply play.

That being said deviantvicky could have made it interesting. She would have thrown little accent lights all over the viewport and still have it rendering on Old Betsy in 30 seconds. In my view Internal comes down to lighting and she was the master.

And, Ognjen it’s been fun. I haven’t been in BI this much in several years. I started with BI and even after getting a ‘powerful’ Intel Core Duo 32 bit machine making animations for my little granddaughter was an excruciating exercise in render times. Profound shit like fuzzy heads with two big eyes bouncing around.



It’s nice, i’m looking forward to use it

thanks dude

No problem, guys. You’re welcome. It’s here to be shared and used.