Sphere in a..... room?! (PR attempt)

Furthering my quest to learn photorealism in Blender, a deviation from the traditional sphere on a plane. This time, a golden sphere in an enclosed room with realistic lighting.

Blender internal render with raytracing and radiosity, with and without AO. Semi-reflective wooden floor, dirty wallpapers, lit by a light on top of the room (actually a soft-shadow wide-angle spot light with omni light reinforcement).

Without AO:

With AO:

Which looks better?

I’m trying to make the wooden floor reflect without distorting the reflection, which is what it’s doing now. Should I add a transparent mirror-reflective plane on top of the wooden plane, to achieve the effect?

C&C will be very welcome. :slight_smile:

I’d say with AO, but shorter lengths.

So, the wood texture is distorting the reflection? Why would it do that without you setting a bump map or something (Or does blender just do that)?

The floor is playing weird tricks with my eyes. I think it’s because the floor is fairly reflective for the sphere, yet the spec and hardness are too low. Try playing with those settings some to make the floor seem as shiney as it is under the sphere (that or you only waxed one small part of the floor ;))

I figured out why the floor was distorting the reflection. It seems I accidentally pressed the little “affect rendered normals” button for the wood texture.

After some texture and environment tweaks:

Without AO:

With AO:

no you want some distortion - just not that much and also - do you have osa to 16? cause it seems very blurry and most people have huge res monitors and that is like postage stamp size on their screens! anyway it is a start keep it up! :wink:

I don’t know why, but I can’t access the website you’re using at all.
I just keep getting a img28.exs.cs cannot be accessed.



Nice, but AO should really be reserved for outdoor scenes. And the floor doesn’t quite look like it firmly goes into the walls.

Sorry, but friend, but you haven’t come anywhere near photorealism. First, there is an odd seam between floor and ceiling. Second, there is no runner between the floorboard and wall, which looks odd. Third, the wall texture does not look good. It looks very fuzzy and low-res. That should have been done procedurally. Fourth, and most importantly, there is nothing at all in the room. The reflection looks weird as hell in an empty room. At least add a light fixture, or door, or things that a normal room has. There is usually finishing work along the floor, perhaps a closet, typically a window in almost every room, again, a door certainly helps to get into the room to see this perfect sphere. Anyhow. Nice start.

And, by the way, AO is not solely an outdoor effect. It is useful for scenes that have lot of places to illuminate, that raytracing simply isn’t doing. Anyhow, it can be accomplished without using AO, but it isn’t needed in this scene.

i agree with anogarlr but we all learn in time so no worries man but you might wanna toy with it some try adding some things in the room

I’m not trying to create a full-fledged “room”. It was originally an experiment to see how realistic I can get create metal and wood textures. I expanded it slightly to an enclosed environment and a light, instead of just a sphere and a plane.

When I made the floor reflective, dotty highlights started running along the edge, which looks like a seam (mesh-wise, the wall and floor intersect each other completely). A runner might be able to reduce the illusion, I don’t know.

Thanks for the CCs so far, especially Anogarlr’s.