sphere - UV mapping correctly set


Anyone knows how to set uv for a sphere so that the top poles are textured correctly
I do not want the top of the textures to be stretched to the poles
I was thinking of using the icosphere but I need the correct algorithm for the uv


Use LSCM. select the edges where you want it to unzip, ctrl E to mark the seam, then when loading, choose LSCM, and it will unwrap according to where you marked your seam.
<edit> also you can make another type of sphere by subsurfacing a cube and converting to mesh with alt C.

also you can make another type of sphere by subsurfacing a cube and converting to mesh with alt C.

I have checked out to see if it worked but of course as I expected, the mesh creation resulted from the conversion does not deal with uvs (why would it ??)
the LSCM otpion seems to me the best idea as I can create a rectangular map from the sphere and reduce the slices of textures on the tops

but I wanted to avoid that. trying to find an algorithm that creates the correct uvs and allows to paint the texture correctly

I was also thinking of sphere painting
does anyone knows how to find the uv coordinates from the mouse coords in blender?

like i paint a sphere and it modify the texture at the right spot.must be feasible in python. right?



is this any link in particular ?

thx a lot for the effort but if i post something here it is precisely because I have spent 2 days searching for it on google and I am sick of it :frowning:

thx anyway


http://www.scifi-meshes.com/tut_manage/index.php?lang=0& CODE=14&id=5 (Earth - advanced)

http://www.scifi-meshes.com/tut_manage/index.php?lang=0& CODE=14&id=28 (Earth and Moon)




great !
I guess there would be some way I could do the texture compressino thing automaticaly with python or gimp