"Spheres of Influence" - A Blender 2.32 Piece

During the weekly challenge quite a few months ago, somebody posted an image that reminded me of this piece that I made back in 2004. Ray tracing had just become available and with that, easier reflections (When I started with Blender 2.2x, I had to use an empty to “see” the scene and wrap that onto what objects I wanted reflective). To test the new methods out, I built a checkerboard by hand, manually duplicating the black and white tiles by hand. I made the chess pawns by “spinning” an outline, and then I added a giant sphere. This entire scene was then placed inside a cube with a few point lights inside.

Next I created two reflective materials - one black, and one white. These were applied to all the objects in the scene (including the surrounding cube, which I just made a pure mirror, no color) and I rendered it out. Unfortunately I don’t have the original render anymore, nor the .blend file. This image came from MySpace where I had uploaded it years ago. I might recreate this in Eevee just for the fun of it.


It looks beautiful even today :slight_smile:

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Here’s an updated one I put together today. Ended up using cycles as the Eevee reflections were not looking right.

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Making of

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