Spheres overlapping

(Nick Papadimas) #1

I am very new to blender. I use it to make high poly models into low poly models, using decimate and then import the obj file to pepakura designer for papercraft printing. The issue i am facing is with models that have spheres overlapping. The part of the 3d model i am interested in is only whats going on on the outside of the model, anything under the “skin” doesnt matter. So when i import models with overlapping spheres i get 2 unfolded spheres that have to manually be merged after printing and crafting. I want to manupulate my model so that i get the outline only of the shape that is formed with the two spheres and not 2 separate ones.
Thank you and sorry if i cant really describe what i need help with :stuck_out_tongue:

(SterlingRoth) #2

Check out the boolean modifier:

(Nick Papadimas) #3

I watched the video and i kinda didnt understand many things, but thats why i am not so familiar with blender. I thought id share a screenshot to show you the issue. I just noticed that in blender the top part of Bulbasaur is connected to the body while creating empty space between, while in Pepakura i get a flat surface for Bulbasaur’s back that doesnt exist in blender.

(Nick Papadimas) #4

I tried to export the file in stl instead of obj from blender, and it actually worked, i get the right model :stuck_out_tongue: