How would I get an object to look like its wraped a round a sphere? I want to try and make a logo that rotates aorund a sphere but I dont Know how to wrap it around the sphere. Plz Help :smiley:

Using the warp tool might give you what you are looking to achieve


Thanks Hazza thats just what i needed. Do you know anything about animation I know how to create what I need but when I want to see the animation finished ( like in Quicktime or Windows Media Player) I’m lost.:confused:

You can in the render panel go to the ‘Format’ Panel.

Where it says Jpeg by default click that and scroll to quicktime or avi raw or avi codec, etc. Set the codecs using the ‘Set Codecs’ button that will appear.

Set the directory in the ‘Output’ Panel for where to render the animation. Set it in the first box (See pic). Hit the Anim button and let it render (assuming you have IPOs and/or keyframes set up).


Okay I got the animation to work smoothly. Now how do I make it run in another progam like QuickTime or Windows Media Player?:smiley: