'Spherical Panoramic' dome setting not going full screen on 5 screen eyefinity?

Hello, I am currently using Blender for a project using 5 screen eyefinity setup.

i am wanting to display a BGE scene full screen across the whole eyefinity group using the Spherical Panoramic dome settings, however when i start the standalone player the actual game covers only about 3 screens, with the rest of the window just being blacked out.

Ive had a play with some different settings but have had no luck, If anyones got any suggestions that would be massively appreciated! we’re by no means Game developers or 3d modellers, we just found out that blender does what we need and thought we’d give it a shot!

Cheers in advance!

bge only supports perspective and orthographic i think.

that is actually not true. You can choose from a bunch of panoramic projections under the stereo dropdown in the render tab.

have you tried upping the tesellation setting?(it’s right bellow the dropdown list from which you choose the type of panoramic projection).

Cheers for the reply! I have tried upping the tessellation, but only from 4 to 5, and didnt really notice anything, and didnt really know what it was for so left it after that, il give it another look tho, just to be sure!

Just tried now, had tesselation as high as it would go (8) with no change at all. :confused: