spherical projection in blender render

I’m not sure where this should go so this seemed to be a good spot. I once read an article on how to use spherical projection for modeling. I’m not sure what they called it though. I am not talking about unwrapping the UV’s. I can’t get it to work again so I am asking what I am doing wrong. I set the world to use glsl and set the view port to use material view. I created a new material and texture. I set the texture to image, an image of a gold sphere. Then set the mapping to generated and projection to sphere. I thought that was all I need to do but I am not seeing it in the view port. I used to use this while modeling but have not done any in quite awhile. I cannot unwrap the UV’s because I will be creating new topology. The effect is similar to setting the material to perfectly reflective and setting a skybox except that orbiting around the object would also rotate the skybox. I hope I have explained myself well enough, so that someone can understand.