This is a model I’ve done with one of my student during a one on one class.
He came up with nice ideas and concepts and a lot of good references (anotomical stuff and animals references).
My version turned a little more toward some kind of vampire vut I like it :slight_smile:
I think his version will be better than mine so I’m realy lookign forward to see it finished.

Technical side :
Made in around 50 hours from scratch to final render.
The topology is quite bad as I’ve used Zremesher to avoid spending a day on topology while my student was already leveled on this side. (this is why eyes shape is weird)
Rendered in cycles 1000 samples
Sculpted and modeled in blender, bump map painted in blender. Every map generated in blender.
Post prodcution in photoshop.

Here are some additional renders

That is stunningly disgusting and terrifying! really great work!
The pose in the presentation feels like she or IT is trapped on the rocks by its left leg.
Which course is it? It seems it goes deep into character creation!

Yeah, you’re not the first to tell me it seems trapped :frowning:
It was a one on one class, so my student asked for character creation workflow and we just did it :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to post or link his version as soon as he finishes.

May the Sketchfab model be more readable.

Got featured on Blendernation and Iamag should follow :eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift: