Sphinx - Take two

Recently I deceided to go back to my old wip, a concept car Sphinx. I did some changes. it’s not the best but I think it has some potential, I have been thinking of quitting 3d, but I might stick for a while with that thing, maybe it will change my mind… :stuck_out_tongue:




looking good antiggo - is that the same shader as in youre viper work?

Thank you @ner. And yes, it is the same shader as in my Viper, wwith some minor changes though.


looks véry cool!
maybe you could use it for the peugot contest?

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I really love the shading. Most impressive.

Why? You’re very talented! Please don’t!

I, too, love the paint job on your car… care to share? Interesting design… I’m eager to see how the wheels will come out - they look like some new technology. It looks slightly reminiscent of a VW new bug.

Thank you for your replies!

And thanks mzungu for telling that, almost everyone says the same but I am still not sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I might share the material as soon as I finish the car itself.

The wheels were made pretty quick for “hover” version of it, I was asked by a guy I know for the blend of the car, he is wowking on a VW car animation.

Here is a small update, not sure if it is any better, any comments very appreciated. I deceided to maybe enter the pegeot competition if I get it finished and if it will look good enough.

Thank you.



It’s an Audi TT on steroids. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Like it.


Awesome car modeling, I really like the shader too, I love that reflection of that shader. Keep working on it, maybe I should try modeling a car too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your replies.

Finsihed the car and materials, will render tomorrow. it takes ages even wiothout AO. Here is a screenshot:


Click for 1024x768 version


awsome. you gotta write me/us a car modeling tutorial. at least make a tutorial for starting the basic body design.