Sphirx, My First Game

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Is this game finished? If so, we can move it to the Finished forum.

Looks great - esp for your first game!

> > I have currently done 6 levels (Complete Wooden World and half of Snow World).
> Is this game finished?

The other half of Snow World needs to be finished first :slight_smile:


Way to big for me to download, but the screenshots look good.

Thanks for the comments guys!
Plantperson- I need to complete the other half of Snow World and four other worlds.
mcguinessdr- Yeah, sorry about that. It’s because of the .wav music files (Blender can only accept them).

could you take the music out if it’s still playable?

I’ve added couple of levels now.

It’s a nice idea. Feels a little too slow to me, like you’re moving in molasses.
Also, with how high-poly your ball is, you should probably use a bounding sphere to speed up collision detection.

Thanks! I guess I could work on that a little…
Also, can you tell me if the textures are working?