sphynx cat

Here is little sculpting study i have been working lately.
I’m not 100% satisfied but next one will be much better :yes: , i hope

Let me know what you think


Adorable cat! very good composition overall. Model is nice and very clean vertice-working :stuck_out_tongue:

katos prkl, suomalainenkin! eli tuolla tarkoitan että tosi selkeää jälkeä verticeiden kanssa. tuollaisen jäljen kanssa on nimittäin helppo työskennellä

cool…but you should use the new particle engine for hair

Not, just cool, it’s awesome, really nice job!

That’s a hairless breed of cat :eyebrowlift:

i think it’s pretty good. No particles needed. Excellent composition and lighting.

Great looking cat! Amazing. Very clean sculpting, man. Love the golden (?) material, too. :slight_smile:

Yes, those hairless Sphinx cats look like some kind of demon from hell. If you don’t believe me, do a Google image search and see for yourself how ghastly they look.

oh :slight_smile: It still would look kool if you did another version with hair…just a sugestion :eyebrowlift:

thanks for the comments

yeah that animal really is from dark side :smiley:

I tried particle hair but result was just huge disaster, maybe i model another cat and try particles again.

if you want to create hair with particle you should try build from www.graphicall.org
there is a build with particle hair and you can do a lot of crazy thing with hair: add hair,cut,smooth,puff and much more…you should try it…

I can see that it’s got edge loop problems. Even if it’s sculpt it still needs good old fashion edgeloops :slight_smile:

But it looks like that cat. Expensive cat.