Spice Harvester of Arrakis

Yo all!

Well, to go along with the Dune theme I’ve been kickin for the pandemic.

This is a spice harvester from David Lynche’s Dune, written by Frank Herbert (screenplay by Lynch). This harvester works tirelessly to mine spice from the barren desert surface of planet Arrakis.


Fantastic film. I like the sand on the texture on the render-08, that’s a nice touch. The renders look great, but I think a worm that big would cast more shadow especially where it touches the sand. Keep on.

It is a great film. And yes, you’d think Cycles would render more AO near to the connect of land and worm, but it didn’t.

The whole scene is just lit with a desert HDRI. It does have a bit of a disconnect…the shadow is there, but it’s flat. Thanks.