Spicy Love

Hi! My latest artwork, the idea came to be when I woke up one day and had a bottle of tabasco just staring at me.

Made with Blender and Krita, may it spice up your day ;)!

its actualy super creepy to think about that.
i mean its a bottle of blood with little pieces of flesh.
Blood and flesh of his own kind!

its like as if a chicken hugs a bucket of chicken wings :smiley:

the chillipepper should kneel next to the bottle screaming “noooooooooooo!”

Great work :slight_smile:
I like te texture of the bottle.

This is so cute, and very well done!!
Spicy food is tasty. :slight_smile:

Ahah! Every body has their way of seeing things I guess. @@Shumetsua

Thanks :wink: and yup spicy food is great xD!