Spider and Moth ( superchallenge pt II )

This is the face for my spider. I’m going for a slightly more stylized look this time, sort of a storybook feel. The uncanny resemblance to Dick Cheney is purely accidental btw. :smiley:

just about done with the basic head shape. when he’s done he’ll have a crumpled top hat and some messy hair.

Wah! He looks even more like Dick Cheney now! Very nice though

Thanks Nivek, here’s an update. Just about done with the torso.

another minor update…added the hat and started his arms. I may ditch the current hand for a toonish white glove though.

finished the arms…phew.

I couldn’t resist doing a couple of hair renders before continuing.

This is coming along great. Personally, I like the first hair render the best. Maybe do some weight painting on the hands to add some smaller and more sparse hairs too. Can’t wait to see the end result.

i like the prickly hairs on his arms, but the thick coat on his chest looks cool too. maybe combine them? and randomize them a bit. and you could do a bit more with the hair on his head, maybe extend them like long whiskers, or add a bit of wave to suggest a hairstyle?

looking kick-ass! is this based on the illustrations by Toni DiTerlizzi?

jim ww

thanks for the comments, guys. jimww, no, i just googled him though, and i can see the similarity. i noticed he is compared to brian froud, whom i met once, along with his wife, wendy froud, the creator of yoda. he was a very weird guy. most everything i do is original though. once in awhile i’ll insert something that is more of an icon, such as the cheshire cat, or something else that is well known.

here he is with legs and a texture.

Modron, it’s looking good, it has a very classic toon feel. I can almost hear the scratchy music and sound track in my head. Are you doing it in color or going for a sepia look?

thanks radulan, i definately want a sort of pseudo old warner bros feel to it. i think the colors will be there, but maybe a bit washed out.
here’s the hair.

Very nicely done!
What does he look like if you leave hair on the arms and remove hair from the body? Just curious, looks great the way he is now…

simply terrifying. Like my worst republican nightmares come true. I’m scared cheney will have that last heart attack and be transferred to his awaiting vessel, looking much like this spider body or krang from teenage mutant ninja turtles. He will haunt my dreams modron. How did you make that segmented body? It’s awesome. I’m a mild newbian.

thanks guys, i couldn’t ask for a better response than ‘terrifying’. here’s the moth, so far, which i just started.

cool! how did you get the white edge at the wings?

wow good job modron
i love the spider

thanks guys. blackstorm, the glowing edge is a string od vertices with a halo material. here’s a minor moth update.

This looks promising, i like the overall style that this scene has so far. I’ll be looking forward to the final image.