Spider and Moth ( superchallenge pt II )

Bloody hell. Thats one spider that I would not want to come across.

I like how the moth is coming along.

Good luck in the competition.

Thanks GrapeApe, good luck to you too. Here’s a moth update.

well i have gone in an entirely different direction with the moth, which is now a butterfly. just the head so far.

ok, well, i’m not going to have time to do what i had originally planned, so here are most of the pieces of my new scene…the spider is currently missing a couple of pairs of arms, but aside from that, I left out a couple props so as not to give the entire thing away. anyway, now to construct his corner in the cellar or attic or wherever.

Nice job so far. The face doesn’t really make me think of a spider (though it does make me think of Dick Cheney) Still, it fits the style you’re shooting at. It’s a shame that you got rid of the moth, it looked really good…

PS. The second hair render you made looks like Oscar:p

Thanks, BundleOfPolygons, almost done now, just have to add/pose his arms, which are rigged so no problem, and maybe tweak the lighting and stuff a bit.

Very nice work, lovely setup you have there!

thanks soter, i just finished him up, he is in finished projects now with all his arms and extra AO samples.

Great! I can’t wait to see the butterfly!

Fantastic looking scene man, well done.

Just about to submit mine now.


I “arghh” at you and shake my fists… It isn’t over yet… :wink:

BTW great stuff, I too hope you didn’t give up on the butterfly.

dude thats NICE!