Spider Animation

Enjoy the attachments :slight_smile: C&C welcome …
However i doubt i’ll change anything in them …
Currently the movie is rendering on some grid … But I don’t know where to upload it when it’s done …


wow cool

hey could you tell me how you made lines on the spider’s body??
i was trying make lines on my object i’m working on but i don’t know how to do it…

its a cylinder and i need a thin line going across the cylinder

Sure … I “just” moddeled them :slight_smile:
It’s actually a sphere with plates slapped on around it … Kinda like this : (O) where the O is the sphere and the ( ) are the plates.
The hart part is curving the plates :slight_smile:

I like this.

There are several ways to do the main lines on the body. A cheap way would be to just bump map them, but then you would lose the effect if the camera moves in close. Another way, starting with a UVsphere, would be to use CTRL-R to create new edge lines. You can move those edge lines nearer to the ones already there as soon as they are made. A huge advantage here is that the UVsphere lines are already in the right place for your model. If you have three edge lines next to each other, you could sink the middle line (selecting it and then resize inwards) to create the bevel. Applying setsmooth afterwards would not lose those crease so you could even keep the model low poly. If you go to the trouble of modeling one of those leg sockets, spin would soon have you the whole lot.

I’d be interested in looking at the nodes you used for the soft shine, or was that post processed?

great screens you have there!
lookin forward to see the final animation :slight_smile:

Well I hope that the animation will be rendered soon … But … I would need a place to upload it …

How big’s the movie going to be? You may be able to place it on http://uploader.polorix.net which is made pretty much exclusively for blender users.

…It’d still be interested in knowing what you did for that shine. I’m doing something at the moment with similar metal and am new to nodes.

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I would like to see the animation. Youtube is a good place to go to upload movies, but only if you can’t find anywhere better. I like the model and have no crits for it. :slight_smile:

How big … 1920x1080 and 1500 frames… Low data loss … No clue how large that is raw this would be around 80 MB ?
I was thinking of making a “making off”, so i’ll try to see when i have the feeling to wrap up a tutorial for these shots …

why do you need to make it so big? 1920*1080!!!

My recommendation of http://uploader.polorix.net can take uploads of files up to 200Mb big. But I have to agree with Jeepster… you sure you want that size a movie of this?

P.S. I’d still like to know about the shine effect you used. Nodes?

Because that is what was requested :slight_smile:
And normally i render at 1280x1024 =) Actually … These days i’d render even bigger :slight_smile:
Screens res get bigger around 1.2 each year :slight_smile: But for an online movie this might be madness :slight_smile:
Working on the turorial atm … But each render takes a few mins :slight_smile:

That looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the animation!


This tutorial is not everything. But it show how the scene was composed. And shows and tells (doesn’t explain them all) wat was needed to make this scene.
The site is slow though … So only go there if you are intrested in how i got it to look like that :slight_smile: (My ISP sucks)

Me neither … I could render a small one …

That spider looks very pro quality.
1920 by 1080! Thats huge, thats bigger than my moniter can handle…i think…to lazy to check across the room.

The ISP isn’t the problem. You’ve elected to use png files without much compression for your images. Use jpgs with 50-80% quality level for dialup-friendly website. I used to use programs like the one at http://www.webopt.com but it basically saves as 50% quality jpg.

Tanks for the tutorial - I knew node filters would have a bit to them.

http://www.webopt.com <= I have linux program … they beat that site :slight_smile: I can reduce the image size VERY small if i wish …
I rendered the movie on lowres @ 15fps … start is good, envirement too, but i’m not happy about the attack part …
It’s like 5 secs, because the spider attacks so fast … Other then that a succes imo …
I REALY like the desert feeling :slight_smile: But where can i upload this baby ?

It’s not about “beating” anyone. I’m also a Linux user. Like I said, save your image to 50-80% quality jpeg and you’d be there. Gimp would do that easily.

I showed you the webopt site (something I was using back in 1997) as a way of illustrating what image optimization was for. I’m a dialup user and when I saw the slowness of your site and why, I figured you had to be new to the idea.

Also on Linux you probably have ffmpeg, which is the command-line equivalent for changing format and also similarly optimizing your movies to smaller file size.

If the movie is less than 200Mb, you can upload to where I have said in previous posts.

looks great indeed

I´m curious about the animation