Yeah so I watched The Incredibles again last night (PIXAR :D) and really liked the spider-ish (only had six legs) Robot in it, So I made my own.

theres some Post-pro in this to dramatize the colors. It’s not really that technically demanding of a character, but I think the image captured the mood I wanted pretty well. sorry its so dark, I make my images and display them to people in dark backgrounds… =.=

Edit: Here’s one thats a bit brighter for the white contrast


have you ever considered AO? you can use it to brighten a scene.

8sample generic AO is used in this shot. Its intentionally dark, if you look at it on a dark background like it would be in a theater or whatever it looks fine.

Oh but 1 suggestion… about alternate material… maybe you should make it have a metalic glow.
and maybe a chromish textureing.

why don’t you use galvanized material instead of smoke material .

Lolz i always end up asking q’s in other peoples topics… what is galvanized material xD

Yeah i think i’d second that the material is a bit dull. I’m assuming you want it to look evil/dark so maybe black instead? If you scratched it up and maybe added some chips and a bump map then the model would look really quite a lot better. It also wouldn’t be too difficult to do. After all, this could be one of the prototype versions that Syndrome made:)

EDIT: Sorry to be a pain but could you perhaps upload a .blend version of it? I just really like how you’ve captured the feel of the Pixar version.

dude, the robot has only 5 in the incredibles.

Oh btw. if you plan on finishing this in the end. I think you should curve out the apendages… making em a bit more rounded but still mechanical.