spider crawling up moving robot question

I was trying make a spider crawl up on a moving robot.I made it happen logic bricks but it did not look realistic.How would i do that with python?

Elaborate a little more? Are you talking about getting the spider to align to the faces of this, “robot” ? Or just getting the walking animation to be consistent with the speed he’s going?

I want the spider to align to the faces of the robot.And i would like the walking animation to be consistent with the speed it is going.Meaning both.

Still a very vague description, :confused: I made a .blend for ya though, did I sort of do what you were talking about? if so, it’s a little buggy, and I can’t find a way to make the spider have gravity if he walks off.

Spider Crawling.blend (796 KB)

It works but it does not work with dynamic cubes.And it does not work with the steering actuator because the spider will start flying.

And only now am I getting some context, :stuck_out_tongue: What are you trying to do exactly? AI spider or player controlled? What is the purpose of the spider crawling? Random, or does it go to a certain destination? I need specifics!

Well I’d have to know the type of robot the spider is climbing up, or at least have the model of it. And if they are biting would you want the spider to just crawl all over the robot but just pause to bit every about 2 seconds?

I want the spiders to just pause to bite every two seconds.Here is the robot.


robots.blend (1.01 MB)

Is this what you had in mind in the .blend I’m providing below?

Note the punching sounds are just to indicate the spider is biting, :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea that works great.