Spider In The Woods

This was one of the projects where I learnt lots of new things and had a lot of fun, it was the first time I decided to recreate something real so I gave it a go. I chose spiders because I am really scared of them… so… why not :smiley:

Rendered in Cycles, about 600 samples. The bark was a simple plane , which I later on sculpted on a basic shape and then used lots of displacement and bump.

I made the model looking at some spider anatomy references. To speed up work I basically did only one leg, rigged it and then duplicated it seven more times and then just changed the position. The colors of the hair were painted by hand.

Here there is also a peak without the hair…


Great work! Front page 100%!


loving this rendition of the cute critter! the detail in the displacement of the bark and the hair of the spider truly makes this stand out. im also pleasantly surprised that you actually used anatomical references to make this as realistic as possible. great work!!


Thanks! I hope I can get there :blush:

thanks very much! I usually have a better feeling about my work when I prepare for it, it always pays off to have references or sketch something first, for anything… so I thought it would be ideal.

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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You’re #featured! :+1:


It shows that you really know how to use blender. And it shows that you know how to model.


absolutely outstanding!

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That is some magnificent detail!

This is fantastic. I love the bark, it looks amazing. As does the wee cutie!

Thanks Bart! for featuring me here and in Blendernation!

Terrifyingly awesome lol

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Man, congratulations!
Well done job!
Nice style by the way.
I get surprise when I see models like that done in Blender.
I tried to modeling in Blender as a way I do in ZBrush, putz… it was frustrating… :smile:

Really outstanding work! You’ve pushed it to where the little things are the only bits that give it away as CG (the more details you have, the more details you need :slight_smile: A very minor critique would be to add a little more “trash” to the scene - tiny rocks/sand grains, leaf stems, bits of fiber - it’s just a little too “clean” overall. Again, great work!

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despite the fact that I have arachnophobia, I like it. great job

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Thanks! and believe me, I totally understand… I actually started working with Zbrush a few weeks ago and I have a similar feeling… since the behaviour of the mesh is a little different :smiley: and welcome to blenderartist by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comment and for the minor critique :smiley: totally agree, definitely gonna think about it in the future.

Thanks! and yeah I get it… I have arachnophobia too :joy:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!