Spider like robot

This is the leg of a spider robot I am working on. The broken out tile is for a reason, the scene I am going to put him in has those tiles. Tell me what you think of my work so far, C&C are very welcome. I know he is barely started but every little bit of help counts!

Nice start!

Can we see more?


Excellent start if you ask me.

Yes, please keep us updated!

Looking very good, nice modelling with an eye to function. Any chance of larger pictures? It is a bit difficult to see details with the small ones.

Nice start,

Here’s a couple of humble suggestions for improvements.

Hydraulic cylinders for the foot/toes looks a bit tiny.

I would changed the rectangualar shape on the foot, in the same manner as the toes, more triangualar.

You probably want to spread some smashed/cracked tiles around.

Cool Design. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

looks pretty spiffy :]