Spider-Man: Cake Day

I searched the site and couldn’t find mention of this yet. Peter (an intern at Corridor Digital) directed and produced this short film over the summer. All the CG is done in Blender :smiley:


That was fantastic work. Great job, Peter. Your future looks bright.

Thanks ElDirector for sharing this with us.

Wow! amazing indeed!! Got like gazillion views!! How did you break into this market sort-of-things-stories… are you doing more? Amazing tracking at some scenes.

This video shows Peter working in blender. 0 to 1:52 is the set up. 6:50 to 8:25 shows blender.


All right! Thank you!! Much appreciated!

Corridor Digital, constantly do fantastic stuff. Very impressed as always!

I’d like to know more about how Peter animated Spider-Man. The swinging sequences feel great. And to think one guy did it all in the span of what… two weeks??

I think it took him like six months to do that vid. I agree though, fantastic work! Also, just watched a new Corridor Crew vid where they are building a guillotine. They are use Blender 2.8 to build digital prototypes and Peter isn’t even there right now, so I’m wondering who else on the team is using Blender and what else it’s been used for…

Maybe someone can contact Peter France and have him join this discussion. I’m surprised this short isn’t getting more attention in the Blender community.

I’ve seen him pretty active on Redit. Might be a good way to find him