Spider-Man Mask

Hi guys, check out my first attempt at the Spider-Man mask. I am a noob so please go easy !

not bad, but you should render it with better lighting, and maybe darken the glossy shader of the eye

Thank you for the advice ! Lighting is something I am still getting my head round. What kind of lighting setup would you use for a shot like this ? Sorry for the noobish questions, I have only been using Blender for a very short period.

sure no problem!
Well lighting is kindof a thing of its own and you could have various setups, but for a dramatic effect, I would go with a very strong light coming from a side, it fits well in an underground environement. obviously this image is way too dark, so yes, try a strong spot with a bit of yellow coming from the right, and a light behind, perhaps more blueish? basically you want to have a main light and other lights to fill the blanks. Tweak it a little with 3 lamps not more, and keep in mind that the brights spots in the final image are gonna catch the eye :wink: add a bright/contrast nodes, slight color correction and I bet it’ll look great!
As for composition, if your character looks at something off screen for example, it can add tension in the image, make it actually tell something.
Keep up, this is promising!

Thank you very much ! I have taken your advice onboard and I will see what I can do !