Spider-Man Motion blur (SMEAR)

hello everyone
i am making a personal project and wanted my character animation style too have this “smear” animation effects instead of motion blur exactly as what happened in spider man
this is the reference i guess

and i was woundering if this is possible in blender
i have made my searches and found people saying that shape keys might be the solution but honestly i have no idea how to make it even with shape keys because … you know these smeared body parts will only exist in couple of frames and shouldn’t be a part of the character all the way, if i make any sense

so could you please help me? ^^

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It is 2D animation on the top of 3D animation, so you can either use grease pencil in your scene or add the 2D pass in the postproduction.

As it comes to this seperated hand in a different pose that you can see on the screenshot. You can make a rig containing extra limbs seperated from the body. When you want them to be invisible in a given frame you can just move them away from the camera or scale to 0 ( You are not using motion blur anyway so it won’t harm) or make a complex rig with driven visibilty by controllers. Up to you.


that was really so helpfull i took your advice and it worked so much fine thank you alot !!!